Technical Support

Our service center is located in Bursa. our customers in every city in Turkey, we offer efficient after-sales service service. With fast service, we aim to minimize the loss of work and time of our customers.


Damage to some parts may result from the use of your machine. In addition to periodical maintenance, all parts of your brand machine are examined in detail without any financial difficulties. The hydraulic installation, electrical installation and mechanical parts of the machines are checked for compliance with UP Makine standards. After the critical evaluation of the machine condition, the price and situation determinations that are specially studied are submitted to the customer's approval. Revision service is started in accordance with the procedures determined by the customer. All parts of the machine are taken to paint process by UP Makine expert team and the machine assembly is completed by replacing the parts that need to be replaced with the originals. During the assembly process, the paths followed during the installation of the zero machine, which is out of series production, are followed. All transactions are subject to final checks and tests after being recorded. The machined machines are delivered according to CE standards and supported by 1 year UP Makine guarantee and delivered to the customer.

Spare Part

Our priority is to continue our services by caring about customer satisfaction. All kinds of spare parts you need to buy spare parts of any situation, not a problem, you can solve. The spare parts service helps you to maximize your machine's productivity, so that you can maintain your machine's production. Our team is ready to help you keep your equipment at peak performance.


Up Makine provides service, safety and parts training to optimize your efficiency and minimize downtime for your machine to operate and operate correctly. - Occupational health and Safety, - Training at Height, - Machine Usage - Maintenance Trainings, trainings in various categories, such as. All of these trainings are carried out at our service center or in favorable conditions in the field of our customers in accordance with the incoming demands.